Music Monday: Gonna Make You Happy Tonight by Tripod

This song makes me laugh. It’s sooooo true! *Laugh*

Gonna make you happy tonight
Give my love to you
Gonna make you feel so right

Spend some time with you
Do the things you want me to
Gonna make love
Gonna make some sweet sweet love sugar
So get ready
Oh get ready get ready
Ready for loving tonight

Before we get down to love
Before we get down
I just gotta finish this level

Do you have any idea how many times my husband has said to me, “Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec, babe, I just gotta finish this level”? *Rolling* Not so much now that he plays MMOs, but definitely in the early years of our relationship and marriage.

I gotta high score tonight
I just gotta save my game
I’ll be with you in a minute sweet baby
I love how you dance for me
But could you move a little to the left baby
I can’t see the TV

Baby I can’t wait till we start
It’s just that the save points are so far apart
In this game baby
But I do love you

I used to refer to myself as a Diablo widow. “But babe, the save points are so far apart!” *Rolling*

Baby this bit’s got multiplayer
Maybe you can operate a turret with me baby would you like that?
It’s good ’cause
Games give you hand-eye coordination
And spatial intelligence, together with map reading skills

I remember my husband showing me a newspaper article one day that explained how playing computer games teaches all those skills. He was trying to convince me that it was beneficial to him to play them. *Laugh* Nice try!

Turn the lights down low
Lower lower
Turn the lights down low
Just a little bit lower
Turn the lights down low
It’s just that it helps me feel like I’m in a spaceship 

Ever since I heard this song, I’ve taken to turning the lights off on him while he’s playing his games, usually as I head to bed, and asking “Does it make you feel like you’re in a spaceship?” *Laugh*

Then we can make some
Sweet sweet love honey
You look so great to me baby
Have you brushed your teeth yet?
Take your time
No hurry
It’s just that I’m not tired
Are you tired?
I’ll see you in the bed then
You might want to take a book 

And of course, what am I doing while he is playing his computer games until the wee hours? Reading a book. *Laugh* Seriously, it’s like they knew us when they wrote this song.

Ooh you so fine baby
I can’t stop thinking about you…and all the coins I have to collect
I just gotta find one secret area
Get one more ability point
And I’ll make sweet love to you baby
I think this xbox
Is the best present I ever bought for you, Baby

This is the only place where the song differs from the reality that is my marriage. Although we’ve owned a an Xbox and a Playstation and a Wii, it has always been the computer games that have absorbed my husband.

Currently his favourites are Escape From Tarkov and Path of Exile. There have been numerous ones along the way.

I’m not really into computer games. The only two I’ve ever got into are Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) which I played a lot when I was flatting in ’98-99 and Civ. I can’t remember if I had the first two editions of Civ, but I definitely remember having Civ III, which was the main one I played. Then I upgraded to Civ IV and Civ V. I think that was the last one I ever played. They’re up to… Oh, they’re only up to VI. I thought there’d have been more than that by now. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Civ is a turn-based strategy game where you literally build a civilisation. ADOM was a ‘roguelike’ game, whatever that means. You chose a character and had to complete quests. Reminded me heavily of Dungeons and Dragons although I never played D&D. It was an epic game, with the most basic imagery you could possibly imagine. For example, your character was just an @ symbol on the screen. A tree was a green t. Very simplistic. But the quests and challenges and levels were epic. I think the highest I ever got to was about level 14. One of my flatmates, Alex, got to 30-something. I’ve never known anyone who actually finished the game.

Music Monday: Feel Inside (and stuff like that) by Flight of the Conchords

This song has the feels on so many levels.

Growing up in New Zealand we used to have these charity telethons on TV. Celebrities would entertain us, live, and people would ring in and pledge money for charity. The totals would be tallied live on the show, and the people or businesses donating would have their names mentioned. It was a real feel-good thing. The country coming together for charity but also having a laugh together. I presume they’ve had them in numerous other countries around the world. Anyway, they’re happy childhood memories.

Then there’s Red Nose Day which raises money for sick kids. When I was a kid, the song for Red Nose Day was always You Make The Whole World Smile.

That’s not my song for today though, that was just a wee bonus. *Laugh*

In 2012 they did a Red Nose Day telethon and as part of it, they asked Flight of the Conchords to write a new song. The duo interviewed a bunch of children, and then used the kids’ answers as the lyrics for the song. The kids were so cute, and their answers were hilarious, as only small children’s answers can be. Flight of the Conchords recorded the song with a bunch of New Zealand singers.

Unless you’re a major fan of the Flight of the Conchords, I’d skip to 5:08, skipping the scene where Rhys Darby talks the Flight of the Conchords into doing the song. I can’t stand Rhys Darby. He pisses me off. But if you’re a fan, feel free to watch it from the beginning.

Music Monday: Pokarekare Ana

It’s Music Monday again, a meme started by The Tattooed Book Geek.  Posting Whakaaria Mai last week reminded me of Pokarekare Ana.

This song doesn’t remind of a particular person or place, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful or emotive.

Pokarekare Ana is a New Zealand love song. Most children are taught it at an early age here, at primary school level if not before. For most New Zealanders, it is a sort of New Zealand anthem, a reminder of home. A patriotic song, I guess. But it is in fact a love song.

It is believed to have been written by New Zealand soldiers during WWI, but no one can prove the true origins. The first person known to have a copy didn’t claim to have written it, only to have polished it up. He said it came from soldiers north of Auckland who were preparing for war in Europe.

If you search Youtube, you’ll find some beautiful versions. I’ve heard Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sing it live – the first concert I ever went to, in the Auckland Domain. There are also a bunch of amateur versions on Youtube.

This one, sung by ordinary everyday New Zealanders, gives you a glimpse of how powerful this song can be. All it takes is one voice to start. There’s another version on Youtube where you can hear an entire stadium singing it quietly, which is pretty moving too. But this one is an impromptu song to celebrate the legalisation of same sex marriage in New Zealand in 2013.

Music Monday: How Great Thou Art by Sir Howard Morrison

It’s Music Monday again, a meme started by The Tattooed Book Geek.

I first learned to sing Whakaaria Mai in primary school. I didn’t like it then, because it was pitched too high for me, and really difficult to sing. It may have also had something to do with my teacher who I hated. *Rolleyes* I also, possibly because of a lack of religious upbringing, had no idea it was the Maori version of How Great Thou Art. But years later, as an adult, I heard Sir Howard Morrison’s version and it just sent chills down my spine. So powerful. So emotive. It gets me every time.

Steve’s grandmother died in 2010. She was the first person I’d lost who I’d been close to since my grandfather had died in 1991. Two of Steve’s grandparents had passed away prior to Nana Rose, but although I thought they were lovely people who I cared for, I hadn’t been close to them. Nana Rose and I had spent hours scrapbooking together. And it was only when she’d passed away and they were planning the funeral that I found out her favourite hymn was How Great Thou Art. *Heart*

I can’t listen to this song and not feel moved. This version, sung by Sir Howard Morrison. It’s just awesome. I’m not religious anymore, but if I was, I’d want this played at my funeral. And even without being religious, it still gets me every time.

Music Monday: Bastard! by Kath Tait

It’s Music Monday (a meme started by The Tattooed Book Geek and I’m also joining in The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge on  Their prompt this week is ‘emotionally raw’. Which is actually pretty tough for me. Music is a huge part of my life. I associate numerous songs with different events and occasions, and far more with individual people. But I had a happy childhood, and I’m one of those people who tends to be fairly emotionally level – I don’t have massive highs and lows, particularly lows.

Which isn’t to say that my life has been perfect. It hasn’t. But when I think of ‘emotionally raw’, my first thought is grief, and I don’t actually have a lot of experience with grief. I’ve been very lucky. I’ve lost grandparents, but none of my immediate family or friends.

The next thing that comes to mind for ‘emotionally raw’ is heartache, and I haven’t had to cope with much of that either. I met my husband when I was 19. I have a song that reminds me of the boy I called my boyfriend for two weeks when I was 14. I have a few songs that remind me of my boyfriend from age 14-16. And a couple that remind me of the boy I dated from 16-17. But none of them broke my heart.

I was hurt by a boy when I was 18, because we decided we liked each other, but then before we even really had a chance to be boyfriend and girlfriend, he told me we couldn’t be because “the thought of holding my hand made him want to vomit”. Turns out it was an unfortunate choice of words and he was basically terrified of being in a relationship. Which made far more sense when he later came out as being gay. *Rolleyes* I do have a song that reminds me of how hurt and upset I was at the time, before any of the explanations came out. It’s called ‘Bastard’ by Kath Tait, and it’s a bitchy little folk song.

I suppose that was emotionally raw for me at the time. Looking back, it was so inconsequential, but at the time it destroyed me. Isn’t that stupid? I’d never been dumped, and to have this sweet Christian boy tell me that the thought of holding my hand made him want to vomit… I still don’t even really understand the depth of my reaction. I’d been bullied before. Teased, I guess, is how I would have phrased it at the time, but call a spade a spade and all that. I’d been teased a lot for my weight, even though I look back at photos of myself and wish I could convince the younger me that I just wasn’t as overweight as I thought I was. Just because I wasn’t twiggy skinny like so many of my classmates…

Anyway, I didn’t know this boy well. I’d met him at a Christian camp where we were both working as leaders. I was relatively new to the whole Christian lifestyle, not having grown up with it, and he was a friend of a friend. I’d been single for probably a year or a bit more. I hated being single. All that bullying had left me with little self confidence in my looks and body, despite having had two steady boyfriends right throughout high school. I hated being single mostly because I worried no one would ever want the me who I was on the outside. And part of hating being single was a desperation to be with someone…anyone. I had crushes on the stupidest people. Not stupid like they were morons, stupid in that they were totally wrong for me. Crushes for the sake of crushes, in the hope that one of them would like me back, and it didn’t really matter which one, so long as someone did. I guess I was seeking confirmation that someone could find me attractive. So then for this boy to turn around and say what he did…

I remember telling my flatmates, and out of everything, I distinctly remember Vanessa (she was sister to two of my flatmates and I can’t even remember why she was there that day) saying “Wait, he actually used the word vomit?” After that, I remember doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, which made my flatmates panic a little I think. *Rolleyes* I’m not very domesticated and for me to be voluntarily doing housework meant something was very wrong. *Laugh*

As I said, he was a friend of a friend, and one of my flatmates went to uni with his brother. They were talking about it, and as I understand it, the brother went home and said “You told her that the thought of holding her hand made you want to vomit?” and the guy realised how awful that sounded and rang me to apologise. We never spoke again, but my friends told me later that he came out as gay. It explained even more.

I don’t hold a grudge. He never meant to hurt my feelings, and it was such a non-relationship, it’s ridiculous that this isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about it. Does the memory still hurt me? No. Did it hurt me at the time? Yes.

You know, when I started this entry, I had no intention of writing about this incident or using that song. It’s not a great song. It made me laugh the first time I’d heard it, but it’s not a powerful or emotive song. But I’ve written quite a lot, so I guess this is what this week’s entry for Music Monday and Soundtrackers is going to be, huh? A bitchy little folk song for a boy who used an unfortunate turn of phrase to end a relationship that hadn’t even started yet, because he found himself in over his head and was trying to fix the situation before he got in any deeper.

You know what the worst of it is? I can’t even remember his name.

A song to describe me

Prompt: If you could only use music to describe yourself to someone, what song would it be and why?

Ooh, that’s actually really tough. I have to think about how I would describe myself generally first, then what songs would give the other person that impression. How would I describe myself?

Huh. Okay. I’m creative, but not artistic. I’m generous but lazy. I’m inspired but a procrastinator. Family, family history and genealogy are important to me, but I also believe that family doesn’t necessarily mean blood-relations. But on the flip side, when you’re talking about genealogy, blood-relations ARE important, because that’s your genetic line. I’m a strong believer in tolerance, particularly when it comes to religion and gender or sexuality nonconformity. I’m not shy, but I’m intimidated by good looking and/or confident people. I’m addicted to romance novels, an optimist, a romantic and exceedingly sentimental, and yet I don’t consider myself to be a particularly emotional person. I love shopping and pretty things, but if I didn’t have to dress up for work, I’d live in jeans and shorts. I’m a parent, who makes mistakes on what is probably a daily basis, but my children know they’re loved and know they can talk to me about anything, so I like to think I’m winning that challenge.

So… How do you say all of that in a song?

My first thought was Bitch by Meredith Brooks *Laugh* but I don’t know if I’m quite as extreme as that. Yeah, I can be a bitch sometimes, and the song is all about contrasts, but she says ‘I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between’ and I just don’t think that’s me. Some people, you love them or you hate them, because they’re such strong personalities. My husband is that way for a lot of people. But I don’t think I am. I’m very middle of the road. In fact, I’ve used that phrase to describe myself in the past. Middle of the road. No extremes. I’m not sure it’s as true now as it was then. I think I’ve become more diverse as I’ve got older. Definitely more interesting! *Laugh*

I took a quiz that was supposed to tell me what song suited my personality, and it told me I was Looking Out My Back Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I love CCR, but that song is a whole bunch of nonsense written by some folk who were whacked out on drugs. The quiz tried to tell me that it was because I lived in the moment and didn’t worry about tomorrow or some such thing, but that’s bollocks. Yeah, I’m not the one who stresses about things, but I would never use such a bizarre song to introduce myself to someone. If someone told me that that song described them, my first thoughts would be that they’re either crazy or they do a lot of drugs. For god’s sake, the song is about hallucinating animals playing music instruments!

So I googled a bit more, and found a few that might work, but most were by artists that I’m not really into. And I was still happy to consider them, but they weren’t leaping out at me. Anyway, I was reading the lyrics to All Kinds of Kinds by Miranda Lambert (I like some of her songs but hadn’t heard this one) and I had a lightbulb moment. *Idea*

So here you go. I’d be happy enough to use this song to introduce myself to someone. I’ve shared this song before, because I really like it and it makes my fingers itch to write something powerful and affirming. It probably also gives a real good indication of my age too, because it came out when I was a teenager, and people do tend to relate most to the music of their teens. What kind of person does it make you think of?

I believe the sun should never set upon an argument
I believe we place our happiness in other people’s hands
I believe that junk food tastes so good because it’s bad for you
I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote low self-esteem
I believe I’m loved when I’m completely by myself alone

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can’t appreciate real love until you’ve been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don’t know what you’ve got until you say goodbye

I believe you can’t control or choose your sexuality
I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul
I believe that family is worth more than money or gold
I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair
I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires

Home and hearth

Prompt: On January 5th 1959, “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” backed by “Raining in My Heart” was released by Coral Records. It was the last release of Buddy Holly before his death.

I’m not a particularly big fan of Buddy Holly, but there’s one song of his that always throws me right back to my childhood. And no, I’m not old enough to have been alive in 1959 or when he released any of his songs. I’m only 37. Buddy Holly was way before my time.

When I was young, New Zealand didn’t have a particularly good television network. We had two channels, both owned by the same network. And where I lived, in the wop wops (that means, in the hicks, or in bum fuck nowhere, whatever you call it when it’s miles away from anywhere), we only got one radio station – Radio New Zealand. So aside from the news and similar shows (like documentaries), there wasn’t a lot to watch. What we did get was British television shows. Only Fools and Horses. Blackadder. ‘Allo ‘Allo! The Two Ronnies. Open All Hours. To The Manor Born. Last of the Summer Wine. Fawlty Towers.

And Heartbeat, which apparently started in 1992. I could have sworn it was older than that. Maybe it’s the just the theme song that makes it seem so dated. Anyway, I can’t really tell you what the show was about, other than it was based around a small town cop. Just a soap kinda thing. IMDB says ‘Constable Nick Rowan is a English Policeman in the 1960’s who decides to be reassigned to the same small village where his wife was born. There, he patrols the countryside as a part of a small attachment in the area dealing with the various events and problems that come up while at same time keeping a eye on Claude Greengrass, the local rogue.’ Ah, it’s set in the 1960s. That’s why I thought it was older. I didn’t realise it was backdated.

Anyway, whenever I hear the first few bars of this song, it transports me back to my childhood home. Which is weird, because we moved out of that house in 1993, so I’m not even 100% sure I ever watched the show there. *Blush* But it reminds me of watching TV by the fireplace, in our little farm house. It reminds me of Queen, our snow white cat, sleeping in front of the fire. It gives me warm fuzzies, because my childhood was very happy and it reminds me of those days. Often when I think of my childhood, I think of the farm, which of course was a huge part of our lives, but this song reminds me of the house, which is nice.

What songs remind you of your childhood?