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caught a whiff of my childhood home this afternoon – cattle truck drove by

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As the days grow short

As the days grow short, the colours turn bold, deciduous trees discard green for gold, russet and amber, an autumn array. Seasonal palette of hues on display, a feast for artistic eyes to behold. The clear skies of day have been placed on hold, evening’s glamour begins to unfold, a last hurrah as the sun…

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I saw two chairs, a matching set, a pair, just like we used to be. They sat alone, apart, offset, a dark and stark analogy. They called to me, those empty seats, that spoke of loss and past defeats, and even as light left the day, I found I could not walk away.

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At the edge of the world, a glimpse of heaven.  Nestled in the bush, tuatara tunnel beneath toppled totara, eagerly awaiting nightfall. A melodic warble winds through the bush, ricocheting and rustling leaves. Overhead, a long white cloud shelters and protects a hidden treasure.

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Captured sunlight ripples through her hair, adding hues of caramel, honey and gold. Innocence, accented by dimples. Twitching with barely contained enthusiasm, liable to explode in a torrent of chatter. Intelligent, sweet and creative, nothing will hold her back.

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Impressions of Scotland

Promises of midsummer snowballs lie high on heathered hills while castles and Culloden echo with the roar of clan battle cries. An aromatic breeze carries a hint of malted whisky from the stills and a rolling brogue to rumble from the lowlands to the hills. Highland coos graze peacefully, ‘neath the blades of scattered windmills,…

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Winter in Auckland

Landmarks slide in and out of the fog. Dancing behind a vaporous veil, landmarks slide in and out of the fog. The sea spits mouthfuls of frothy ale, like an oil painting I once saw, dancing behind a vaporous veil. Gulls tumbling above the waves screech and caw as the wet wind tosses them to…

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