Elle’s family bucket list

Family bucket list

*Box* Teach my kids how to drive
*Box* Take my kids to the theme parks on Australia’s Gold Coast
*Box* Do these things with my kids (which means participating, not watching them do them!):
*Boxcheck* Go camping (in a tent, with sleeping bags!)
*Boxcheck* Draw
*Boxcheck* Go on a picnic
*Box* Go possum hunting (note to non-NZers, possums are an environmental pest in NZ)
*Boxcheck* Go ice skating
*Box* Snorkel
*Boxcheck* Go to a music concert
*Boxcheck* Cook
*Boxcheck* Watch a sunrise
*Boxcheck* Watch a sunset
*Boxcheck* Show them where I grew up
*Boxcheck* Point out constellations in the night sky
*Box* Roast marshmallows over a campfire
*Boxcheck* Volunteer for a charity or help someone in need
*Boxcheck* Take a road trip
*Box* Ride in a hot air balloon
*Box* Have a no-reason, not-because-they’re-sick, Bueller-caliber free day off school
*Boxcheck* Take them trick-or-treating
*Boxcheck* Write, post and receive handwritten letters in the mail
*Boxcheck* Care for a pet
*Boxcheck* Swim
*Box* Sew
*Box* Play hopscotch and elastics
*Boxcheck* Watch a big fireworks display
*Boxcheck* Write and send a letter to Santa
*Boxcheck* Make a video
*Boxcheck* Watch a movie
*Boxcheck* Go ten pin bowling
*Boxcheck* Play miniature golf
*Box* Host a dinner party
*Box* Plan a surprise party
*Boxcheck* Go hiking
*Box* Climb a tree
*Boxcheck* Jump on a trampoline
*Boxcheck* Roll down a really big hill
*Boxcheck* Skim a stone
*Boxcheck* Dance
*Box* Dance in the rain
*Boxcheck* Sing really loudly along to the car stereo
*Boxcheck* Fly a kite
*Boxcheck* Catch a fish
*Boxcheck* Eat fruit straight from the tree
*Boxcheck* Pick berries
*Boxcheck* Hunt for bugs
*Boxcheck* Play a board game
*Boxcheck* Have a snowball fight
*Boxcheck* Build a sandcastle
*Box* Make a mud pie
*Box* Pick watercress
*Boxcheck* Bury someone in the sand
*Box* Race snails
*Boxcheck* Slide down a waterslide
*Box* Feed a bird from your hand
*Boxcheck* Call an owl/morepork
*Boxcheck* Investigate what’s living in a rock pool
*Box* See glowworms
*Boxcheck* Plant it, grow it, eat it
*Box* Find your way with a map and a compass
*Boxcheck* Finish a puzzle
*Box* Have a food fight
*Boxcheck* Write a poem
*Boxcheck* Write a story
*Boxcheck* Explore a cave
*Box* Do the World Vision 40 Hour Famine
*Boxcheck* Ride a bike
*Boxcheck* Travel on a train
*Boxcheck* Visit a farm
*Boxcheck* Have a treasure hunt
*Boxcheck* Learn how to tie a tie
*Boxcheck* Ride a roller coaster
*Boxcheck* Dine in a restaurant
*Boxcheck* Accept – and execute – a dare, double-dare or, best of all, triple-dog dare.
*Boxcheck* Experience one unplugged weekend without cell phones, computers or TV
*Boxcheck* Sell something at a stall
*Boxcheck* Conduct a science experiment
*Boxcheck* Take photos
*Box* Ride a horse

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