Elle’s experiences bucket list

Experiences bucket list

*Box* Meet my friend Beth (I met her on Livejournal in 2001 and she lives in the USA)
Meet my friend Teresa (I met her on Writing.com and she lives in NZ)
Meet my friend Gaby (I met her on Writing.com and she lives in the USA)
Meet my friend Rhonda (I met her on Writing.com and she lives in Canada)
Do a tour of New Zealand’s South Island with my husband
*Boxcheck* See the Exponents perform live
*Box* Go to a strip club/show
*Box* Go to the Last Night of the Proms in England
*Box* See Oliver! performed live on stage
*Boxcheck* See the Phantom of the Opera performed live on stage
*Boxcheck* Buy and wear a pair of knee high boots
*Box* Learn sign language
*Box* Learn the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet
*Boxcheck* Ride a horse
*Boxcheck* Take dancing lessons
*Boxcheck* Go camping
*Boxcheck* Make cheese
*Boxcheck* Make soap
*Boxcheck* Make candles
*Boxcheck* Make wine
*Boxcheck* Go canoeing
*Box* Build a house
*Box* Have a psychic reading
*Boxcheck* Volunteer for a charity
*Box* Dance at a ball as an adult
*Boxcheck* Do one tramp or walk every month for a year
*Boxcheck* Camp in the Australian outback
*Box* Do a fishing trip in Niue with my husband
*Boxcheck* Get my colours done
*Boxcheck* Get my photo taken crossing Abbey Road in England
*Box* Drive the Glossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria
*Boxcheck* Do Auckland’s Coast to Coast Walk
*Boxcheck* Do the Round The Bays Walk
*Box* Do the Colour Run
*Box* Do all of New Zealand’s Great Walks
*Boxcheck* Lake Waikaremoana
*Box* Tongariro
*Box* Whanganui Journey
*Box* Abel Tasman
*Box* Heaphy Track
*Box* Routeburn Track
*Box* Milford Track
*Box* Kepler Track
*Box* Rakiura Track
*Box* Experience a medieval feast
*Boxcheck* Eat at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants
*Boxcheck* Eat pumpkin pie
*Boxcheck* Eat haggis in Scotland
*Boxcheck* Drink wine on Waiheke Island, New Zealand
*Boxcheck* Drink Lemon & Paeroa in Paeroa, New Zealand
*Box* Eat a Chelsea bun in Chelsea, England
*Box* Eat a Cornish pasty in Cornwall, England
*Box* Eat Shrewsbury biscuits in Shrewsbury, England
*Box* Eat Yorkshire pudding in Yorkshire, England
*Box* Eat cheddar cheese in Cheddar, England
*Box* Eat stilton cheese in Stilton, England
*Box* Eat Welsh rarebit in Wales
*Box* Eat a Black Forest gateaux in the Black Forest, Germany
*Box* Eat a frankfurter in Frankfurt, Germany
*Box* Eat a hamburger in Hamburg, Germany
*Box* Eat Bavarian cream in Bavaria, Germany
*Box* Eat Turkish delight in Turkey
*Box* Eat Baked Alaska in Alaska, America
*Box* Eat Boston baked beans in Boston, America
*Box* Eat Buffalo wings in Buffalo, America
*Box* Drink Mississippi Moonshine in Mississippi, America
*Box* Eat colby cheese in Colby, America
*Box* Drink a Long Island iced tea on Long Island, America
*Box* Drink a Manhattan in Manhattan, America
*Box* Eat bolognese sauce in Bologna, Italy
*Box* Eat Brussels sprouts in Brussels
*Box* Eat French fries in France
*Box* Eat French onion soup in France
*Box* Eat French toast in France
*Box* Eat brie cheese in Brie (now Seine-et-Marne), France
*Box* Eat camembert cheese in Camembert, France
*Box* Drink a burgundy wine in Burgundy, France
*Box* Drink a chablis in Chablis, France
*Box* Drink armagnac in Armagnac, France
*Box* Drink cognac in Cognac, France
*Box* Drink champagne in Champagne, France
*Box* Eat Madeira cake in Madeira, Portugal
*Box* Drink Madeira wine in Madeira, Portugal
*Box* Drink port in Porto, Portugal
*Box* Eat parmesan cheese in Parma, Italy
*Box* Eat Gruyère cheese in Gruyère, Switzerland
*Box* Eat Emmental cheese in Emmental, Switzerland
*Box* Eat edam cheese in Edam, Netherlands
*Box* Eat gouda cheese in Gouda, Netherlands
*Box* Drink shiraz in Shiraz, Iran

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