Elle’s blogging bucket list

Blogging bucket list

*Boxcheck* Have the courage to share my blog with family and friends on Facebook
*Boxcheck* Get 100 followers on this blog
*Box* Get 500 followers on this blog
*Box* Get 1,000 followers on this blog
*Box* Catch up on missing blog posts on my Livejournal blog
*Box* 2013
*Box* 8th August – parent-teacher interviews
*Box* 17th August – friend’s wedding day
*Box* 15th October – high winds rip roof off Downtown shopping centre
*Box* 17th October – Oktoberfest + autocorrect fails
*Box* 18th October – talk with kids + Steve + goodies
*Box* 27th October – fishing trip
*Box* 2nd November – fishing trip & Orewa fireworks
*Box* 24th December – Christmas Eve
*Box* 25th December – Christmas Day
*Box* 26th December – Boxing Day
*Box* 2014
*Box* 24th December – Christmas Eve
*Box* 25th December – Christmas Day
*Box* 26th December – Boxing Day
*Box* 2015
*Box* 17th Feb – Steve & Aaron at Slash concert
*Box* 15th March – Eagles concert
*Box* 18th March – birthday necklace gift from Steve & kids
*Box* 20th March – birthday celebrations at in-laws’
*Box* 4th April – Easter Show with friend & kids, Let It Be concert
*Box* 7th April – Jayden’s ‘maybe’ broken arm
*Box* 19th April – sightseeing with Alexandra
*Box* 22nd April – lunch with Jamie, Bob & Tony
*Box* 23rd April – surprise dinner at Vinnie’s with Steve
*Box* 25th April – finished online photography course with distinction (96 out of 100)
*Box* 26th April – Caitie’s first guitar lesson
*Box* 27th April – Chet Anzac gig
*Box* 9th May – Geoff’s 80th, and Jon & Marie
*Box* 10th May – Mother’s Day
*Box* 15th May – Nalini Singh
*Box* 17th May – Dad’s new house
*Box* 30th May – Pink Floyd Experience
*Box* 17th June – Caitie’s birthday
*Box* 20th June – Sophia-lei’s birthday party and trip to A&E
*Box* 21st June – Caitie’s birthday party
*Box* 27th June – Last Night of the Proms
*Box* 5th July – Jayden’s birthday
*Box* 6th September – Father’s Day weekend at Tutukaka
*Box* 4th October – Put in offer on house
*Box* 7th October – builder’s report on house
*Box* 10th October – received offer for house
*Box* 13th October – withdrew offer for house
*Box* 14th October – Jayden’s bullying incident
*Box* 23rd October – Back to the future / news about Poppa Pete
*Box* 27th October – Caitie won Halloween colouring contest
*Box* 29th October – offer for house not accepted
*Box* 31st October – Kumeu fireworks show
*Box* 2nd November – suspension
*Box* 8th November – Food photography workshop
*Box* 10th November – Mumford & Sons
*Box* 12th November – Last Night of the Proms
*Box* 22nd November – Fleetwood Mac
*Box* 27th November – New house
*Box* 19th December – SnowPlanet
*Box* Build your own teddy bear
*Box* 22nd December – Kelly Tarlton’s
*Box* 2016
*Box* 29/30th September – Hobbiton/Underhill
*Box* 9th October – Tiritiri Matangi
*Box* 15th October – Tennis Club gig
*Box* 28th October – Kumeu fireworks
*Box* 2017
*Box* 15th September – Elvis (notes in LJ)
*Box* 14th October – Mermaid band
*Box* 3rd November – Improv Bandits with Colin Mochrie
*Box* 20th November – new council valuations
*Box* 29th November – sister’s 40th
*Box* 9th December – Christmas in the park
*Box* 14th December – Caitie graduated
*Box* 14th December – Steve dislocated elbow
*Box* 15th December – karaoke
*Box* 16th December – Paul McCartney concert
*Box* 19th December – performance review
*Box* 22nd December – secret santa and Christmas lunch
*Box* 23rd December – Dinner at Riverhead
*Box* 24th December – dinner with neighbours
*Box* 2018
*Box* 6th January – drinking with in-laws
*Box* 8th January – update on appendicitis after dropping Steve off
*Box* 9th January – Steve op
*Box* 10th January – Steve home from hospital
*Box* 11th January – sister’s conversations with Dad
*Box* 17th January – Jayden’s NCEA results
*Box* 18th January – anniversary dinner and bottle wine from boss
*Box* 19th January – colleague resigned
*Box* 17th March – meeting Yvonne in Hamilton
*Box* 18th March – Exponents
*Box* 15 April – Dad playing in Mission Bay (Christmas/Easter presents)
*Box* 21 April – Mazuran’s and movie
*Box* 8 May – Jayden broken arm
*Box* 18 May – Drinks with Kat & MDL crew at club
*Box* 19 May – PreQuills
*Box* 20 May – Rainbows End
*Box* 4 July – Trip into London, M&M World, lunch at Admiralty, hop on hop off bus
*Box* 5 July – Walk into Southend, visit bookstore
*Box* 7 July – Trip into London, met Andy, pride parade, St Pauls, Hamleys
*Box* 10 July – Trip into London, Harrods, lunch at Hung, Drawn & Quartered, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace
*Box* 12 July – Lunch in Southend with everyone
*Box* 13 July – Walk into Southend with Steve to buy stuff for wedding cake
*Box* 14 July – Wedding
*Box* 15 July – flew to Inverness
*Box* 16 July – Urquhart Castle & Loch Ness, Cawdor Castle, Tomatin Distillery
*Box* 17 July – Falconry
*Box* 18 July – Dunrobin Castle, Clynelish Distillery
*Box* 19 July – Glen Strathfarrar and Landmark Forest Adventure Park
*Box* 20 July – Flight to London
*Box* 21 July – Flight to Manila + furry meet in London
*Box* 22 July – Flight to Auckland
*Box* 23 July – Arrived Auckland
*Box* 16 August – circle journal
*Box* 26 August – garage sale, Borich, food photography
*Box* Convert my Livejournal blog posts (including private posts) into printed books (click here to see the separate page for this project)

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