Elle’s adulting bucket list

Adulting 2018

*Boxcheck* Clean the house before we go on holiday (Click here for my detailed housework list)
*Boxcheck* Set up individual bank accounts for:
*Boxcheck* Rates, water, insurance, power, gas, lawnmowing
*Boxcheck* Car expenses and petrol
*Boxcheck* Software and online subscriptions
*Boxcheck* Savings
*Boxcheck* School stuff and gymnastics
*Boxcheck* Groceries
*Boxcheck* Haircuts

*Box* Refix mortgage rates for 1 year when they expire in November

Adulting bucket list

*Boxcheck* Learn to drive a manual/stick shift
*Boxcheck* Get my learner driver licence
*Boxcheck* Get my restricted driver licence
*Boxcheck* Get my full driver licence
*Box* Create an emergency survival kit, including at least three days’ worth of water, food and pet supplies
*Boxcheck* Get married
*Boxcheck* Have kids
*Boxcheck* Write a will
*Box* Establish Enduring Powers of Attorney (a living will)
*Box* Set up a family trust
*Boxcheck* Buy a house
*Box* Regularly deposit savings and make no withdrawals for one year
*Box* Be debt free
*Box* Pay off our short-term debt (e.g. credit cards)
*Box* Pay off our mortgage
*Box* Have a contingency fund equal to one month’s income
*Boxcheck* Have a KiwiSaver retirement investment
*Boxcheck* Own shares
*Box* Have an investment portfolio
*Boxcheck* Have home and contents insurance
*Boxcheck* Have full cover car insurance
*Boxcheck* Have medical insurance
*Boxcheck* Have life insurance
*Box* Have income protection insurance
*Box* Have business insurance
*Boxcheck* Own a bottle of alcohol worth more than $100
*Box* Own a bottle of alcohol worth more than $500
*Box* Own a bottle of alcohol worth more than $1,000
*Boxcheck* Own a bottle of Royal Dragon Imperial vodka
*Box* Own a bottle of Samurai vodka
*Box* Own a bottle of port from the year of my birth
*Boxcheck* Sponsor a child in a third world country
*Box* Own a holiday home
*Boxcheck* Pay for a stranger’s petrol
*Box* Pay for a stranger’s meal
*Box* Do jury duty

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