Happy endings

Prompt: What kind of ending do you prefer to read: the happy ending, the tragic ending, the change of heart ending, or the be careful what you wish for? Why? Which matrix attracts your own writing?

Oh, I’m 100% a happy ending girl. Wait, that sounded terrible. *Rolling* I insist that the books I read have happy endings. I’ve long thought that it was a form of self-medication – a way to help keep my mental health on an even keel. I don’t think I have a particularly depressive personality or anything, but I read a LOT of books (93 books so far this year), if I read dark and depressing books, that would take a toll on me. I once tried to read Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. They’re big books (the first one is 836 pages) but I think I read three and a half books before giving up. There are 15 full books in the series, plus two prequels and one spinoff. Anyway, they’re really dark books. REALLY dark. I don’t mind when my romance novels go through a dark period, because I know they’ll get through it and they’ll live happily ever after. And that’s actually more rewarding (in a mental health sense) than a happy, fluffy book, because it teaches you that no matter how dark things get, you can still get your happy ending. My life isn’t so dark that I need that reassurance, but I’ve certainly had difficult times, especially when we were very poor, when I wanted that reassurance. Anyway, while (as far as I know) the two main characters in the Sword of Truth series survive the trials and torments (literally) that they’re put through (although actually, I’m not sure they do both survive having just read the blurb of the 15th book!), they never get a break. It’s doom, gloom and disaster, constantly. Yes, they survive, but there’s never happiness. There’s never hope. It’s just survival and barely that. Well, that’s how I felt. Steve has read the entire series multiple times, but I just can’t. I need more happiness in the books I read.

In terms of my own writing, I don’t write happy endings per se, but only because I don’t really write endings. All my short stories are really vignettes rather than complete stories in their own right. But if I was going to write a novel or novella, it’d definitely have a happy ending. I know that in real life not everyone gets a happy ending, but dammit, they should. We all deserve a happy ending.

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