Photography: New Lynn Train Station

Last week’s challenge on 52Frames was ‘architecture’.  With bonus points for a high density resolution (HDR) photo.

My intention had been to either take a photo of some of the old buildings on Queen Street, where I work, or to take a photo of our home.  We live in a very modern home with steel cladding, that kinda looks like two enormous shipping containers perched at right angles to each other.  But time got away on me, and I didn’t end up taking one.

Monday morning (my time, several hours before the official finish time for the week on 52 Frames), I was standing on the platform at the train station thinking ‘What am I going to photograph now?’  And I looked up, and the rails curved away into the distance and I thought…  I can photograph that!  So I did!  I only used my phone, not my camera, but the phone helpfully took two images of different exposures so I could merge them into a HDR image at work (shh!).

New Lynn Station by Elle Schroder

What do you think?  I kind of like the way all the lines play into each other.

This week’s challenge is orange, with extra credit for fashion.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to get anything like fashion, but I’m sure I can do ‘orange’.

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