Photography: Artist (Minimalism)

Last week’s challenge on 52Frames was ‘minimalism’.  With bonus points for incorporating an artist.

I’d had a few ideas.  I tried a water shot, but it was late in the day (I’d missed the golden hour), and it was lacking a focal point.


It kind of looks more like it’d fit a ‘monotone’ theme, all shades of gray blue.

Then I asked my daughter if I could photograph her hands as she played her guitar and drew.  The guitar one was much harder than I had expected, but the drawing one turned out okay I think.

Creative potential by Elle Schroder

I submitted the drawing one to the site.  I think it works for ‘minimalism’, with a lot of negative space in the photo, plus it incorporated an artist.  She’s only 14, but her drawings are pretty incredible.  Both my kids are talented artists, and both have practiced a LOT to get that way.  It’s so wonderful to see the results of their passion for art.

This week’s challenge is to take a flatlay photo of some aspect of my life this week.  I’d never heard of a flatlay photo before, but apparently it’s where you take the photo from directly overhead to avoid any depth perception in the photo.  Should be interesting!

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