Photography: School strike for climate (Auckland)

Last week’s challenge on 52Frames was to take a portrait of a stranger.  And bonus points for using a prop.  Forget the prop, I was sure I was going to struggle just to get a portrait of a stranger!  Eek!  I’m not overly shy, but I am introverted (I’ve been described as a loud introvert!  Ha ha!) and I’ve never successfully walked up to a stranger and said “Can I take your photo?” even though people like Alan Shapiro (who I discovered on G+ back in the day) make it look and sound easy.  It’s not easy.  It’s freaking terrifying.

My sister suggested I could take a photo of a strange cat or dog or something, and that would be a way out of the challenge.  Some other people took the easy way out like that (I saw one photo of a spider!), but I was determined to do it properly.  I was quietly freaking out about how to get a stranger to let me take their photo, when I thought of the street buskers.  Maybe if I donated money, one of them would let me take their photo?  It seemed less intrusive than buying a burger for a homeless person and asking if I could take their photo, a thought that had also occurred to me.

I took my camera in to work every day in case the perfect opportunity appeared. And one evening as I was waiting to cross at the lights, I heard a busker playing an electric guitar. I gave him all the change I had, then held my camera up, eyebrows raised in question. He nodded and I took two shots. The lighting was terrible so I had to use the on-camera flash, but I’d done it. I’d asked a stranger if I could take his photo!

Then I discovered that the ‘school strike for climate’ was on Friday. The street would be overflowing with strangers, and no one blinking an eyelid at anyone photographing them. Yes!

So on Friday I spent my lunchtime photographing the protestors. These were my best two shots (both of which are better than my shot of the busker):

I submitted the top one to the site, but I was pleased with them both.

This week’s challenge is minimalism, with bonus points for incorporating an artist. I’ve got a few ideas and I’ll see if I can make one of them come to fruition this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend!

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