Photography: Bee (macro)

My sister convinced me to try an endurance photography challenge, such as a 365 challenge where you have to take a photo every day.  She’s doing a 365 one, but I thought that would be setting myself up for disaster.  I thought I could probably manage a 52 week challenge though – taking one photo a week for a year.

I found 52Frames and thought that site would suit me well.  It gave me a broad theme for the week, enough to kickstart some inspiration, and somewhere to share my photos and progress with others.

So last week’s challenge was ‘details’ with a bonus optional challenge of a macro photo.  So on the weekend I got out my camera and my macro filters and went into the garden to see what I could see.

Because I can’t use auto focus when using the macro filters, it was quite tricky.  Plus, the depth of field was incredibly shallow.  I found that it wasn’t until I was looking at them on the computer later that I could see if I had really captured a sharp image or not.

IMG_2452This one hasn’t been edited, and it’s not quite as sharp as I would like, but it was my best photo of the day to fit the challenge.

Unfortunately I stupidly didn’t realise that the window for submitting the photo is the same as the window for taking the photo.  So when I went to upload the photo today, I was too late.  Ah well.  Lesson learned.

This week’s challenge is ‘portrait of a stranger’.  Forget the bonus challenge of ‘use a prop’, just taking a photo of a stranger is going to be a serious challenge in and of itself.  Eek!  I’ll see what I can do, but I’m already kinda freaking out a bit!


  1. Do a little paper doll and say you need to take a picture of it in NZ for a friend. Or tell them you’re doing a Piercing the Darkness challenge to “catch a smile” would they mind helping? You’ve got this. I LOVE this picture!

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    • I got a photo of a busker who agreed to let me take a shot after I gave him some coins, but then I got some better shots during the school strike for climate which was on Friday. 🙂 Great ideas though!

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