Book review: Beauregard and the Beast by Evie Drae


I’ve included the details for Evie Drae’s Release Week Giveaway at the bottom!  You can win a personalised signed copy of the book, a $100 Amazon gift card and some author swag.  Read on!

Adam Littrell is an MMA fighter who has earned the nickname The Beast and he’s known for being surly and never so much as even smiling for his fans.  Bo Wilkins is his new live-in personal assistant.

I really liked both characters.  I loved the singing and the creative non-swearing, in particular.

As he bent to pick up the throw pillows they’d tossed off the couch, he belted out the opening lyrics of “Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul” from Rocky Horror.  Complete with Meat Loaf’s high-pitched hoot at the beginning. Bo’s head materialized around the corner like a prairie dog popping out of its hole.  His hands covered his ears.  “You promised.”

From the blurb, I was expecting the conflict to arising from Adam’s difficult nature, and the fact that he can’t be distracted in the lead-up to defending his championship title.

Still, despite the confusion muddling his ability to think, he knew Bo was right.  They had a professional relationship that couldn’t be tainted by all the dirty, sexy things he wanted to do to Bo.  To do with Bo.  Hell, they couldn’t even do the un-sexy things his brain kept conjuring up.  Like having Sunday brunch and laughing as they reminisced over their adventures the night before.  Or curling up on the couch and reading together.  Or snuggling in each other’s arms for an afternoon nap.

The distraction issue was hinted at for a while, but eventually it seemed that Adam just wasn’t that worried about it. 

In regards to Adam’s personality, apparently that’s a ‘public persona’ that his father created for him, and the real Adam is sweet, silly and thoughtful.  That kind of sets the scene for the whole book.  Bo and Adam are both lovely guys.  Really sweet.  The whole book is kind of sweet.  With a really nice level of humour.

“Bo, I know we’re not at the ‘I’ll help you hide the body’ stage of our relationship, but have we at least reached ‘feign ignorance’?”  Adam grunted when Kyle bucked beneath him.  He repositioned so his body covered Kyle’s, did some sort of scissor-kick with his legs, and three seconds later, Kyle was on his stomach with both arms trapped behind his back.  “Because there’s a distinct possibility I’m gonna murder this son of a bitch.”  Hearing Adam insinuate they were at any stage of a relationship sent a giddy wave through Bo’s belly.  He grinned.  “My loyalties are with you, boss.  Just tell me where to find the shovel.”

The author’s style was very easy to read.  Overall, it was the kind of sweet, easy read that makes a great holiday read.  Personally, I wanted a bit more conflict, but I’m happy to recommend this for those who like a lighter read.

Now, I promised you a giveaway, didn’t I?  To celebrate the release of Beauregard and the Beast, author Evie Drae is giving away a personalised signed copy of Beauregard and the Beast, a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and an assortment of author swag to the grand prize winner.  The runner-up will receive a personalised signed copy of Beauregard and the Beast and an assortment of author swag.  You have until 26th August to enter, with winners being announced on August 27th.  You can enter here:  Good luck!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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