Soap making

When we got together in January for our failed attempt at making cheddar cheese, my mother and mother-in-law decided they wanted to have a creative day once a month.  We plotted out some ideas.  We could make soaps, candles, chocolates, waxed fabric food wraps, and other things.  We decided to do the chocolates in March, because that would coincide nicely with Easter (no religious connection, just a chocolate connection!).  So we planned to do soap in February and candles in April.

On Saturday, my daughter and I went to my mother-in-law’s house, and we met up with my mum and my sister there.  We made soaps.  It was much easier than I had expected (although admittedly we were using melt and pour kits) and much more fun.  I think I might buy another kit and make more for gifts.  I really enjoyed it.

My daughter has a great write up of the day with photos of the soaps we made, on her blog.

Click here to read the soap making post at Creating With Caitlin

Author: Elle

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