I’m back!

It’s New Year’s Eve here in New Zealand.  This year has just raced past.  I’m sorry I’ve been so slack about posting lately.  Just been so busy with work that I haven’t done much of anything else.  Everything has been neglected.  But I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more regularly.

Interestingly, I’ve been talking with both my kids lately about how to make a success of a social media endeavour.  My daughter (12) wants to create a YouTube channel, and my son (16) is a Twitch streamer.  My husband and I have been telling them that if they want to be successful, they need to plan, be consistent, work on marketing themselves across different platforms, etc. etc.  And I was sitting there feeling guilty because I haven’t been doing that for the last few months.  I’ve neglected all the amazing people who follow me, and on top of that, I haven’t even been reading/liking/commenting the posts of the people I follow either.  I just…disappeared.  That’s a good way to slide into obscurity, huh?

Success doesn’t mean millions of followers, likes or comments.  Not to me.  It doesn’t even mean being a professional and making money from it, although, wouldn’t that be nice?  (That’s an old Beach Boys song, right?)  It’s just about connecting with people, and not being alone in the void.  I think that’s what my daughter is after too.  My son is hoping to become a professional streamer, eventually, but he’s realistic about the timeframe for that.

So despite the fact that my very short Christmas holiday is nearly over (I go back to work on Wednesday), I’m about to sit down and work on my blog.  I’ve got some more interviews lined up, some more poetry and short stories to share, and some other stuff to post.  I just have to take my own advice and be organised, which means doing it while I have the time and energy.  And I’ve got a ton of blog posts to read too.  So while I go do those things, I’d love to hear how you stay on top of your blog.  How much pre-planning do you put into content?   Do you schedule posts?  I’ve been blogging for a long time, but it’s always been at my whim.  This ‘planning’ is new to me.  I’d welcome any tips.


  1. Love your blog header, titlt and tagline! I’m fairlt new at blogging, one month. I haven’t found the perfect schedule for me, but I have been doing the daily prompt post. It makes me think about unexpected things, sometimes triggers a memory and a whole wack of ideas come out. Sometimes I think about 5 or 6 posts in one day all at once. So I have to add a new post for each one, save it as a draft and finish it later. I really don’t want to post more than 3 times in one day so I save some for a slower brain activity day.

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    • Because I was new to WordPress, I had a backlog (a portfolio, I guess) of poems and stories I could share, and I was able to post every day, interspersing my poems and stories with other kinds of posts. But man, posting daily is hard work! I’m not sure what a good balance is yet. Still trying to figure that out. 🙂

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      • Oh. My gosh, just noticed my spelling title not titlt lol. Yes, Im sure I will run dry at some point but when that happens, you can always do the daily prompt to at least post once a day. It also depends onour work schedule too. It can be hard work trying to keep up with reading other blogs and posts as well.

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      • Yeah, sometimes the daily prompt inspires me to write a poem, but not always. And work, ugh, don’t talk to me about work! Ha ha! I really need to do all my posts in the weekend and then schedule them for during the week. I think that’s what will work best for me.

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  2. I’m at the lovely unplanned stage where I write when a prompt, thought or something inspires me. I save it as a draft, revisit it, edit if needed and post. My 12 Days of Quotes was a challenge, it made me more disciplined but I was on holidays so I could commit time to it! I wouldn’t like to allow planning take away the spontaneity! I hope you find what works best for you! Happy blogging Elle and Happy 2018!

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  3. Hi, Elle. It’s good to see you back. I’m really new to blogging, so I don’t really have any advice that will be helpful. Up until now, I’ve not really planned very much. But, I have been planning something the last couple of weeks. It will be a scheduled “event” (is that the right word?) that I will post about every Monday. I hope to plan everything more thoroughly, if I’m honest. I think that’s the key to making a blog work, long term. I’m with you about blogging to connect with others. That’s the best part, for sure.

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    • Yeah, I think you can muddle through for a while, but eventually life interferes and that’s when planning saves the day. But you know me, I’m not a planner!


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