Tiritiri Matangi dawn chorus

Before a sleepy, disheveled sun even thinks about poking her nose over the horizon, the first calls go out. A cheery wake up song to start a day of industrious productivity. As the sky lightens, first to a dull charcoal, then slowly, persistently, to a stunning, vivid blue, the chorus of melody grows stronger and louder. Sweethearts are courted with flirtatious serenades, and materials are meticulously gathered for the construction of homes in anticipation of future families.

Author: Elle

Hi, I'm Elle. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a moderator at Writing.com, the mother of two gifted children, the wife of a Twitch gaming streamer and the Queen of Unfinished Projects. I've been reading since I was 4 years old, writing poems (badly) since 1994, blogging since 2001 and I started studying photography in 2010. This blog will contain poems, short stories, photos, book reviews and my thoughts on a variety of topics. Hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Tiritiri Matangi dawn chorus”

    1. There are no permanent residents on Tiritiri as it is a bird sanctuary. I went over for a day to photograph the birds. Every now and then they do a 5am ferry so people can enjoy the dawn chorus. My parents live in Gulf Harbour, which probably didn’t exist when you lived on the Peninsula! I’m in West Auckland.

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      1. Ah, that’s right. Of course! I had forgotten it was a bird sanctuary.
        I’ve been to Gulf Harbour a few times when I’ve been over visiting family. Two of my siblings have worked there at different times.
        Thanks for the follow 🙂


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