Echoes in time

Prompt: Pick a band or solo artist. Write a poem that includes 3 – 5 song titles by said band/artist.

With a thoughtless lack of action
and callous, careless words,
you smashed my dreams and aspirations
into razor-edged smithereens that
tempted me into dangerous darkness,
a world where I could breathe
and be comfortably numb,
where your taunts
were just echoes in the
empty spaces of time…

I think the band I chose is easy to figure out.  Can you pick all the song titles in the poem?  There are five.

Author: Elle

Hi, I'm Elle. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a moderator at, the mother of two gifted children, the wife of a Twitch gaming streamer and the Queen of Unfinished Projects. I've been reading since I was 4 years old, writing poems (badly) since 1994, blogging since 2001 and I started studying photography in 2010. This blog will contain poems, short stories, photos, book reviews and my thoughts on a variety of topics. Hope you enjoy it.

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