Portrait in a cookbook (free verse poem)

I read your chicken scratch writing
and imagine you in your kitchen,
weak English sun peeping in
through gauze curtains, hideous
wallpaper that dates it so perfectly.
War brings economies,
no butter or eggs, mere housewives
become inventors of recipes
that work with meagre supplies.
And you could never have guessed
four generations later
a girl on the other side of the world
would pore over your cookbook
and imagine you in your kitchen,
weak English sun peeping in.

Author: Elle

Hi, I'm Elle. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a moderator at Writing.com, the mother of two gifted children, the wife of a Twitch gaming streamer and the Queen of Unfinished Projects. I've been reading since I was 4 years old, writing poems (badly) since 1994, blogging since 2001 and I started studying photography in 2010. This blog will contain poems, short stories, photos, book reviews and my thoughts on a variety of topics. Hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Portrait in a cookbook (free verse poem)”

  1. Sadly, after I photographed them, the books were thrown out. 😦 I’m ever so glad I got the photos, and it’s now more important than ever for me to complete my family recipe book (for the family, not for sale) so these recipes aren’t lost.


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