Month: August 2017

Books read in August

Depth of Field by Riley Hart Revealed to Him by Jen Frederick Entangled by Jessica Sorensen  Entranced by Jessica Sorensen Enchanted by Jessica Sorensen Blind Faith by N R Walker  Finding His Place by Nic Starr  Tanner by Sarah Mayberry Hold Me by Talia Ellison  Unfold Me by Talia Ellison    Revealed to Him by…

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At the edge of the world, a glimpse of heaven.  Nestled in the bush, tuatara tunnel beneath toppled totara, eagerly awaiting nightfall. A melodic warble winds through the bush, ricocheting and rustling leaves. Overhead, a long white cloud shelters and protects a hidden treasure.

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Captured sunlight ripples through her hair, adding hues of caramel, honey and gold. Innocence, accented by dimples. Twitching with barely contained enthusiasm, liable to explode in a torrent of chatter. Intelligent, sweet and creative, nothing will hold her back.

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Portrait in a cookbook

I read your chicken scratch writing and imagine you in your kitchen, weak English sun peeping in through gauze curtains, hideous wallpaper that dates it so perfectly. War brings economies, no butter or eggs, mere housewives become inventors of recipes that work with meagre supplies. And you could never have guessed four generations later a…

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A view of complete tranquility, of lazy boats adrift on blue, of islands slumbering, fast asleep, as if there’s nothing else to do.

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She lurks in the shadows, petals of burnt raspberry. Prima donnas in pearls and stolen limelight. Her time will come.

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In a brisk coastal breeze laced with a touch of salt, rustling cabbage trees shiver and pōhutukawa stand staunch and sturdy. Raindrops patter in a staccato beat until charcoal skies unleash a thundering torrent, staining rivers with the soft patina of clay.

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