Candle making

Last weekend, we had another of our creative days and made candles.  This time around, it was my mum, my mother-in-law, my daughter and her friend, and a colleague from work and her daughter.  We ended up with four adults and three thirteen-year-old girls (or almost, my daughter turns 13 in June). Although I wasn’t…

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Tennessee Fire

Spices explode across my tongue, melding with the warm flush of alcohol… A long exhale, eyes at half mast, head tilted in a relaxed lean. And my brain is baffled by the contradiction of the icy chilled liquid and the heat it generates.  

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Chocolate making

Do you ever face the dilemma of whether you should take photographs or just put the camera down and join in the fun?  This is a tricky one for me.  I’ve talked before about how my passion is to capture memories, and this makes it hard for me to accept that a moment won’t be recorded.  Not all…

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